04/27/2010 5:31pm

As my partners have already answered all de questions I thought of adding a very interesting one that I found in a Senior 1 test that says the following: “writing the peace was not going to be easy”. Explain why you consider this statement to be true.

I completely agree with this statement since every country had a very different idea of what they should do with Germany, what s more Germany was not going to be consulted or even given the opportunity to say something about the treaty they were just expected to sign and except all the points or no peace would be sign. So this clearly shows how difficult it would be for the countries to sign the treaty.

04/29/2010 4:20pm

I have found good page that explains very clearly de causes of the WWI, hope it helps

05/03/2010 10:05am

I have found a very useful page which is about the treaty of versailles and the peace treaties of 1919-1923.
I hope it will be useful!

tatiana duncan
05/10/2010 6:18pm

1) France, Clemenceau:
• To cripple Germany
• To recover Alsace-Lorraine
• oblige Germany to pay reparations
• stay with some German overseas territories
• Restrict Germany’s armed forces
Britain, Loyed Gorge:
• Not to treat Germany so harshly
• Make Germany pay reparations
• Take the German navy
• Restrict Germany’s armed forces
U.S.A, Wilson:
• Not to treat Germany so harshly
• To give German colonies to The League of Nations
• Restrict Germany’s armed forces
2)They couldn’t get everything they wanted as their aims were too different, it was impossible for each country to get what they wanted.
3)At the very beginning Germans were very angry because they felt that they didn’t deserved all the blame. But other feelings, like fear, appeared later on, as they were the only country that was disarmed and was surrounded by the big three. They also felt dishonored. But the feeling y think was the most important was that they were disappointed.
4)The treaty was justified by saying that Germany was the country that had the blame of the war, for starting it. But Germans specially knew that wasn’t true.

05/11/2010 6:32pm

1) What were the motives and aims of the Big Three at Versailles?
2) Why did all the victors not get everything they wanted?
3) What was the impact of the peace treaty on Germany up to 1923?
4) Could the treaties be justified at the time?
1)France: France wanted to cripple Germany, lets remember all the damage caused by Germany to France, also they where border countries and that`s why France felt so threatened.France wanted Germany disarmed (without an army).
Great Britain:wanted to punish Germany but not too harshly in order to keep trading its products.
USA: wanted to establish a league of nations in which international problems could be discused. wanted world`s peace.
2)because they wante diferent things so they all succeded in something and let go an idea.
3)there was hyperinflation ex:(today) loaf of bread 100 marks. (tomorrow) 2000000000 marks.
4)the treaty could be justified by germans because they were forced to. even though they felt they were being punished very hard , they couldn`t do anything.


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